Car Rental in Goa Airport

It is always better to look for car rental in Goa Airport the moment you reach the airport in Goa. Goa is a renowned cultural center overflowing with the thrills and entertainment.

There are plenty companies offering you car rental in Goa Airport. Going somewhere via road is troublesome for many.

They don’t feel safe and comfortable for many reasons. Many people choose their journey by rail instead of roads. Hence there are instances when you don’t have any other option than traveling via car. In these cases it is always better to rent self drive cars in Goa.

In these cases you must ensure that your journey is safe and comfortable. It can be anywhere intercity or outside the city or state as well. The tourists must find reliable company which provides services of self drive cars in Goa.

More about Goa and the Self Drive Cars

Goa is a perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. It is one of the most ideal vacation spot. When you hire the self drive cars in Goa, you can explore the beauty of Goa on your own. Renting self drive cars in Goa gives you freedom of visiting areas as per your likes. With the rental cars, you can travel to some of the most excellent and lonely beaches in South Goa. Bike rentals are most preferred by tourists in Goa. But renting a bike is not a smart choice when you travel in a group.

Cost of leasing Self drive vehicles in Goa

During vacation people spend a lot on travelling. The trains and airplanes do not have any alternatives. But when you reach Goa you have lots of pocket friendly travelling options you can pick from.

Renting a car is the best choice but zoom cars do not offer their services in Goa. When you look for different car rental privileges in Goa Airport, Reliable Rides is the best option. With Reliable Rides you can select only Self drive cars in Goa.

Car rental in South Goa is available at a range of INR 1200 per day which goes up to INR 3500 or even higher. The price of car rental in Goa Airport or Car rental in South Goa depends upon the type of car you are hiring.

Luxury cars are expensive and the cheapest option is Hyundai i10. At times these prices are negotiable based on the demand.

Whenever looking for renting a car in South Goa or any other part of Goa you need to deposit INR 2500 to INR 4000 as a security deposit.

Type of Cars for Rent in Goa

Reliable Rides provides different rental cars in Goa Airport. The tourists can adopt one depending on their budget.

If you are travelling to Goa in a group of 5 to 6 people then prefer SUVs like Scorpio or Innova. If you are planning some adventurous trip then opt for Thar.

Major Car rental in South Goa and North Goa

Documents Required for Self drive cars in Goa

If you are looking for rental cars in Goa Airport then you must hold a valid Driving license. Also one should submit your original ID proof like Passport, voter card or Aadhar card.

The documents are handed to you after returning the self drive car in Goa. Few car rental companies in Goa Airport do not accept PAN card as ID proof.

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